The difference between hot foil and cold foil

Foil printing brings your printing glamour. You may know the luxurious look of foil printing from the shiny letters and lines on cosmetics and chocolate packaging. Foil printing is also regularly applied to business cards and invitations.

We have written about cold foil on this website, and will now inform you about hot foil too.

Hot foil

What is the difference between hot foil and cold foil?

Hot foil is applied with a heated stamp to the already printed paper. For cold foil no stamp is used, it is applied with UV-activated adhesive on the paper. Prior to printing of the other colors, but in the same print run. The process of cold foil is therefore faster than that of hot foil. In addition, it is cheaper. However, hot foil is of higher quality and brighter.

The video below shows the process of hot foil printing.

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