Beach flags are ideal for use during trade fairs, shops, concerts, open days or markets. They are easy to set up, easy to transport and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

All the advantages of the beach flag at a glance:
☑️ Available in 4 shapes and 13 sizes
☑️ Personalise your tunnel in any desired design or colour
☑️ The print is visible in mirror image on the back
☑️ Fire-retardant and therefore suitable for public spaces
☑️ Complete your beach flag with a beach pole and stand

Choice of four shapes and various sizes
The straightflag is the popular, elongated model. The dropflag offers a wider surface area for your message and the special shape of the waveflag gives you that little bit extra. You can also opt for the squareflag, a straight beach flag with more space for the print.

Tunnel in any design or colour
You can choose to have your design continue through the tunnel. We do not recommend running images and patterns through the tunnel as this never fits perfectly. Do you need help with positioning the design or other layout and dtp work? We are here for you!

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