Let images stand out of printed matter with Scodix polymer printing technique

The latest Scodix digital press lets a subject stand out of your printed matter. It uses an innovative polymeric printing technique in which transparent lacquer is applied to the printed material. On the photo below you can see an example. The special high-gloss lacquer on these food products provides a 3D perspective:

3d-effect on printed matter with lacquer


The machine can also heat transparent lacquer and apply foil to it in one print run. In small formats (up to 50 x 70 cm) this provides a beautiful 3D effect. For larger sizes, the coldfoil technique is usually used.

3d effect on printed matter with gold foil and silver foil


Here you see the Scodix:

Scodix polymer print technology


Because it is a digital technique, every expression can be 100% unique, like personalized postcards. The machine prints relief prints, super-gloss paints and foil at high speed. Scodix technology is also available for offset printing.

Would you also like to realize a 3d-effect in your printing? Please contact us.